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Your child is in good hands.

All of our staff have completed extensive background checks before stepping foot into a classroom. Our teachers are also first aid and CPR certified within 90 days of employment. We have an emergency preparedness plan and review it monthly to make sure it is always fresh on our minds.  

Ensuring a safe and healthy learning environment is a top priority.

Here are just a few ways we make sure our building is secure and safe, and children in our care are healthy and cared for. 


Door Code

Our entry door has a code that is only given to parents and staff. 


Health Checks

Upon arrival, teachers do a health check to look for visible signs of illness. 


ID Checks at Pick Up

At pick up, any person not recognized by staff will be asked to show their ID to make sure they are authorized to pick up your child. 


Illness Policy

Our illness policy follows CDC guidelines and recommendations and ensures the safety and comfort of all children in our care. 


Name to Face Checks at Every Entry Point

Stop signs are posted at every door and entry point to remind teachers to do a name to face check to make sure all children are accounted for and safe.


Sanitization Procedures

All hard toys are sanitized in a commercial grade dishwasher or cleaned with a bleach/water solution, all soft toys and sheets are laundered weekly.

Still have questions about our health and safety protocols?

Explore our parent handbook for more information. 

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